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Societe Generate Bank Offers 300 Free Insurance Policies- Societe Generale Albania Bank offers for its clients coverage for...

Societe Generale Albania Bank offers for its clients coverage for earthquake damages - made possible by Albsig in cooperation with Europa RE and a Swiss government program. The insurance policy 'Swiss Visual Pro' will be provided free of charge to the first 300 clients who receive the Express Loan at the Societe Generale Albania Bank. This policy makes available for insured individuals an immediate fixed payment of 300,000 Lek in case of full house damages by earthquakes. For the first year this policy's premium will be covered 100% by the Bank for said clients. Starting from September 5th, 2017, 300 clients of Societe Generale Albania Bank can have their earthquake insurance free of charge for one year. After the first year they can choose whether they want to continue with coverage directly from the Albsig insurance company. This produce is enabled by the Catastrophe Risk Insurance Program in Southeast Europe, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and the World Bank. This program aims at raise awareness of the population on insuring property against earthquakes. Due to its geographic position Albania is at risk from earthquakes as a result of high seismic activity. But, only a small part of the population is covered by insurance. The authorities and international institutions are calling for population in such countries to insure properties from earthquakes otherwise the economic and social consequences would be heavy

(Albanian Daily News,5)

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