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Pelikan sh.p.k / Durres, Albania- was established on March 22, 1995...

Pelikan Ltd was established on March 22, 1995, with scope of activities Logistics Services, forwarding, Shipping Agencies, Domestic and International Transport, warehousing, customs assistance etc.

Since then, the company has been aiming at providing a complete service of full logistic chain with the highest possible quality for various import and export activities for its customers.

In 1997 'Pelican launched the procedures for the opening of Customs warehouses, thus opening the oportunity for a new development, for the first time in our country.

Pelikan introduced another new service to the logistic facilities of our country, the transport of containerized cargo.It has started to serve occasional clients since 1996 and in 2000 it started a regular service from South Spain to Durres.

Since 2005 Pelikan has been a certified member of the world's largest trade / logistics networks such as FIATA - WCA - WPA - PCN - ITJ - CCIDR - Global Shipping Market - WtLeads.

In 2006, Pelikan invited and introduced to Albania a global service of conteiner line.Pelikan became the first company to present esclusively the international maritime line CMA - CGM SAS, the world's third largest line, adding Durres Port, for the first time, in the global map of international container destinations.

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