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[NEW MEMBER] - Welcome to EnBi Power Sh.p.k ; Established on September 2003 , EnBi Power L.t.d worked mainly in the ...

Established on September 2003 , EnBi Power L.t.d worked mainly in the electrical and constructional fields. In a very short time ,we have become one of the prestigious companies in Albania and we extended ourselves even in Kosovo. Movitavated by our dedication for the quality of our work,we continue designing a future that moved alongside us.

  • We are here to built a new generation in electrification process
  • We design the success and we make it happen
  • Excellence is our challenge

We work in the following fields:

  • Design,
  • Civil Works,
  • Installation,
  • Commissioning,
  • Testing,
  • Feasibility Studies in Construction, Reconstruction or Restructuring and Maintenance for Electricity Generation, Transformation, Transmission, Measurement and Distribution facilities in High, Medium and Low Voltage Networks.

Including Hydro Power Plant, Power Plant, Aeolian Parks, Volta System, Substations, Transmission Line, Transformation and Distribution of Electricity.

Our Culture

We believe that an adequate and respectful culture in our working environment is the key to a successful and friendly atmosphere. We try to mix the doses of competence,integrity and ambition ,in order to create value in our company by fulfilling our commitments to our customers and to all our business partners.



·  Improve our performance by focusing on innovation by choosing to operate with innovative products. 

·  Attract talented people by lowering environmental impact and maintaining business ethics. 


·  We want and are focused on becoming the one of the largest electrical companies by expanding our operations in all over Eastern Europe.



To improve every citizen’s life by operating in an qualitative ethical way,by increasing the industrial productivity and by lowering as much as possible our environmental impact.

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