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MEI REALTY - Mei Realty is a Company that operates mainly in Real Estate Industry. Our first office has been operating ...

Mei Realty is a Company that operates mainly in Real Estate Industry. Our first office has been operating since 2009 in the field of Real Estate. Our Success journey began in September 2009 by becoming part of the global network Century21 with one of the best offices in the Balkan region, until September 2017 when we thought our opportunities were greater to create an Albanian and international Brand.  After continuous consultations we thought that we will be the name that will make the difference in the Challenging Market of Real Estate Agencies.  Based on our expertise of over 8 years, our experts and associates have the pleasure to present you today: Mei Realty.


Our team of professionals is expanding and will expand and grow regularly with the very best young professionals whose aim is continuous growth but some of our colleagues have been with us for more than 8 years since the time it  was initially established and we are very proud of.

Our Mission and Vision:

-We aim to become a One Stop Shop as far as the Real Estate service is concerned and all the other services that are connected to it: Mortgage Referral, Public Notary assistance, Property Evaluation and all the other services related to it.

-We aim to have 15 to 20 offices in Tirana only within the next 3 years and we aim to expand in the main cities of Albania and within the region; Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia etc.

-We aim to have the best Real Estate teams with the best trainings and with a very friendly working atmosphere within our company.

-We aim to have partners, agents and colleagues that Love their team, their profession and Love what they do.

-We aim to offer the best service possible and we aim to contribute to the society not only as far as Real Estate is concerned but in a lot of other activities regarding the above.

-We aim to train our staff regularly with all the new strategies, marketing tools, all the news and developments within the market, continuous positive training towards life, professional and personal goals.


Mei Realty

City:   Tirane

Address:  Rr. Abdi Toptani, Nr.3


Phone:   0035542403900

Fax:   0035542403900

Mobile:   00355672049400



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