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GaleriaKalo - The legend is back home – 6 July – 20 August 2017

Artworks by artists inspired from the legend of Rozafa castle

The legend of the citadel of Shkodra – ROZAFA – remains a curious case. The sublime act of self-sacrifice of the young wife, ROZAFA, to the benefit of the city walls and other people ‘s lives inspired many to tell stories, write poems, paint or sculpt. The mystic and historic values of its walls were deep and strong and probably influenced many people from Shkodra to become artists in order to fix the story on canvases, music sheets or books, of course, in many different variants, following the hues of their spirit.

But beyond the legend the ruins of walls of the citadel today testify to the great spirit of Albanians in resisting to all kind of attacks and enemies throughout the history.

GALERIAKALO is proud to have contributed in telling this story (legend) of the extraordinary strength of Albanian women in GIVING, through around 30 Albanian artworks, to many people in Europe. The journey of the exhibition titled “Legend of a castle / La legende de la Citadelle” started in Strasbourg, to follow with The Hague and ending with Paris and now it is time to tell the story to our people, back home, now under the name ROZAFA is back home!

The exhibition will be opened at GALERIAKALO on Thursday 6 July to stay until 20 August 2017




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