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EPITECH ALBANIA - EPITECH Albania is a Branch of “Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation” EPITECH- Grande Ecole program...

EPITECH Albania is a Branch of “Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation” EPITECH- Grande Ecole program

Licensed by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth in Albania (Order No 670, 2017)

Opening at the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018



§  Part of IONIS Education Group, which currently consists of 24 schools and entities, 27,000 students and 70,000 alumni

§  One of the biggest IT higher education institutions in France

§  7 500 students

§  13 campuses in France and 4 campuses in Europe (Epitech Albania included)

§  61 international partner Universities

§  100% of graduates find a job after graduation

§  Graduates working in key management positions in major European and international companies

§  A unique Innovation Hubs network present at each of Epitech campuses: a unique sharing exchange space, a fablab connected with companies, a unique team of Tech’mentors

§  Bachelor’s in Information Technology at Tirana

§  Master-level curriculum “Expert in Information Technology” (4th year abroad and 5th year in Paris)

Through the increasingly close partnership with major industry players and prestigious institutions of higher education worldwide, Epitech has earned a reputation for excellence among leading French schools and is recognized as one of the best Schools (Grande Ecole program) to transform a passion for IT into an expertise that leads to jobs with high potential.

In Albania, as in the other European countries of implementation, Epitech has an essential role to play in shaping tomorrow's innovative experts in all fields of information technology with ever more appropriate teaching methods. The future graduates of Epitech Albania will become major players in strengthening the potentially growth-oriented digital sector in Albania and around the world.


Contacts : 

Adresse: Rinas Road, TBP, Tirana-Albania

Tel: +355 (0) 42 204 104   /   +355 (0) 69 784 1289


Email: infobalkans(@)

Facebook : EpitechBalkans

Twitter : EpitechBalkans

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