Travel and Tourism is selected as an important sector with great relevance to the Albanian economy and to employment as well as for its positive growth forecasts. The tourism sector in 2019 recorded a direct contribution of ALL 358.3 billion, with an over


Albania has a strong and vibrant manufacturing sector, which is driven by highly successful enterprises in the textile and footwear industry. Having this great experience and skilled labor force, Albania offers a great potential to diversify its own econo


Albania has a considerable potential of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). RES represent an important energy source available in Albania. The use of such sources for energy production represents a long-term strategy for implementation of three objectives of


Agriculture remains one of the sectors with the greatest potential for development in Albania. Agriculture is the main source of employment and income especially in rural areas of the country. This sector provides about 20% of GDP and 37.4% of total emplo


The Government of Albania seeks developers and investors to create world-class TEDAs on land areas in Spitalla, Koplik and Kashar. As currently envisioned, future developers will be offered exclusive development and operator rights on these properties, th


The potential of Albania as one of most preferred destinations for ICT-BPO services came into light in 2000 as a developed market and regional power in the Balkan. Albania has transformed into a major destination for ICT-BPO services with its urban cultur

Source: AIDA / Albanian Investment Development Agency

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