Electral Sh.p.k

Redi Frashëri

General Manager

Company name:    ELECTRAL SH.P.K

Adresse : Postal Adress: Rruga "Sarni Frasheri", Qendra "Metropol", perballe  Drejtorise  se Policise Tirane

Tel : +355 4 22 58 887

Site : www.electral.al

Email : redifrasheri@me.com / contact@electral.al


"Electral" L.t.d., a company based in Tirana, Albania, started its activity in 2009. "Electral!" L.t.d. Is a company that operates in two directions: 

1-In the field of marketing, both in communication and social media. It is active in retail online selling through its webpage Chic Regime, media/ News Company, modelling, photography & designing. The company, among other things, carries about its activity in the field of gastronomy, specifically with its online service (www.snapfood.al) and Snap food for mobile apps). The consumers have the possibility to receive the services of restaurants or fast foods directly at home, office or anywhere at their address. We operate in accordance with the Albanian legislation in force. So, the activity consist in online sales of restaurant foodstuffs, fast- food other- wise, versus a percentage reward.

2- In the infrastructure and energy sector, participating in several public procurement procedures for construction, rehabilitation, maintenance of roads, hydropower plants, water supply, civil and industrial constructions, etc.


Nowadays, the company has won the right to build, finance and operate several hydropower. plants Albania, through competitive tendering procedures. Its mission is to build these plants, contributing to increase the quantity of energy produced in Albania, and in improving the life quality of the surrounding community.


Our diverse services include:

- Engineering         - Marketing communication                - Online selling

- Snap food              - Procurement             - Construction of civil, public and industrial buildings

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